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The Muqaddima Program is designed to revive the lost tradition and study of Islamic History and Historiography. Our team of dedicated researchers and academics is committed to the effective and positive development of each student enrolled onto the program.

We monitor and measure the outcome of our programs by following the PEOPLE framework, as outlined below:

1.   PROVIDE an immersive and interactive learning environment and community through which students will acquire a thorough and guided experience in the study, analysis and interpretation on one of most seminal and authoritative classical texts every written on the subject of Islamic History - Ibn Khaldun’s al-Muqaddima.


2.  EQUIP students to cultivate adequate and life-long comprehension skills, critical competencies and proficiency in applying the proper mode and methods for learning and unpacking Islamic History as outlined in the principles of classical Islamic Historiography.

3.  OFFER students a wealth of knowledge and insights pertaining to the earliest developments in Islamic History, Historiographers and Chroniclers, up until the medieval age. Students will acquire knowledge of seminal and authoritative authors and texts in classical Islamic History and its sciences.

4.  PREPARE students to conduct their own original research assignments and inquiries by teaching them the appropriate means by which to qualify various sources of historical information, the limitations and varying methodologies, terminologies and nomenclature that are prevalent in the register of classical works on Islamic History and historiography

5.  LIBERATE our students from being limited and confined to the rigid, narrow and mostly outdated methods of learning about Islamic history as currently taught in many schools, colleges and universities worldwide. Our programs are designed to be interactive, meaningful and appropriate for a modern audience.

6.  ENABLE Diploma level candidates to apply their learning experience directly towards an assignment that will culminate in the publication of an original research article or the development of an initiative that will convey some aspect of Islamic History and its sciences.

We intend to deliver all the above mentioned through the effective delivery of programs and by educating, training and empowering students to not only learn how to read Islamic history but also how to analyse, interpret and convey it appropriately

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