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Our programs are delivered Online and On-Site (in person, London), twice in every month. All of our classes are transmitted online via a secure conferencing platform and video recordings of past sessions will be made available on the student learning platform.


Participants who wish to attend the classes in person may do so at our London premises.

The complete Muqaddima Program is an annual immersive course that commences in September and concludes in June of every year.


Students enrolled onto the Muqaddima Program will all be provided with the following resources:

  1. Physical copies of the course study-texts

  2. The Muqaddima Program Course Folder

  3. Official Timetable and complete recommended reading list

  4. Branded stationary



Attend our classes in London

Online Learning

Online Learning

Participate from anywhere in the world

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Apply online for the
Muqaddima Program

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