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The Muqaddima Program is a structured annual study course that has been designed and developed in response to growing and emerging demand for the specific and professional study of Islamic History and Historiography.

The Muqaddima Program serves the needs of individuals looking to study the world’s most authoritative work on Historiography (Ibn Khaldun’s Al-Muqaddima), while acquiring skills and competencies in the research, interpretation and meaningful analysis of Islamic History. This program also introduces students to the classical science of Islamic Historiography, its study and discipline.

The Muqaddima program was created to make critical knowledge of Islamic History, its sciences and disciplines - both accessible and relatable to a modern and diverse audience whose interests and curiosity in the history of Islamic Cultures, Empires and Civilization - has for a very long time, been inadequately served.

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Through the Muqaddima Program, we are reviving the authentic voice of Islamic History by introducing our students to the core texts, foundational principles, traditional and contemporary research methods necessary to attain both a sound and appropriate comprehension and interpretation of Islamic History, its study and conveyance.

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